UNIHA Wasser Technologie: Kirama Turn-Key Water Treatment Project


Kirama-Katuwana integrated water supply scheme with 3.500m3/day capacity water treatment plant using Kekirioboda Reservoir to extract 2.500m3/day and the balance 1.000m3/day from Rammale Kanda tank, including 10.300 meter raw water pipes, 6.600 meter treated water pipes and 25.000 meter distribution network pipes. Sufficient raw water is available to meet the requirements of the Treatment Plant.


The Project will receive the electricity from the national grid. Additional a stand-by generator set will be provided by the Project.

Operation and Maintenance

NWSDB (National Water Supply and Drainage Board) has their own staff for operation and maintenance of water treatment plants. The NWSDB is successful operating similar plants throughout the country. The Project will also provide a master tailored training program for the operators of the treatment plant and Kirama-Katuwana water supply scheme respectively.

Training and technical assistance program is an integral part of the project. The objective of the training and technical assistance program is to secure a proper project implementation and after commissioning of the water treatment plant the full utilization of the project and to guarantee the long lasting benefit for the population of Sri Lanka.

Project in work

The implementation of the works started in the year 2019.